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Our SERVICES are exclusively designed to meet all your writing needs with no effort from you.


We’re the only ghostwriting agency in Africa that can help you write a book and still help you publish it online, be it fictional or non-fictional books. We will help you write in tone and words that suit the genre, appeals to your readers and best passes the message you intend.


Your web contents/copy must be well crafted with the right powerwords to persuade your potential customers to patronize you, or else, all your advertising money is wasted. Our proven copywriters will use SEO keywords and persuasive powerwords to pull customer traffic to your business so you can beat competition.


We understand the psychology of sales and marketing, and we use them to come up with compelling and convincing professional documents like sales manual, business plans, corporate profiles, and investment proposal letters. We will also help you write CVs and cover letters that will get pass ATS software of any kind.


Are you done writing a book? Or you wrote your book a long time ago? Don’t immediately proceed to publish without professional scrutiny; it can make your work look unprofessional, thereby affecting the book’s success. Let us help you edit and proofread to ensure it meets current ideology and writing standards.


We have versatile and professional scriptwriters that will help you write scripts of any genre. We also help you come up with scripts for the company’s advertisement that will help pass your company’s message, focus on your strong point and convince the people to patronize your products/services over your competitors.


Many business owners know a business analyst can save the business the loss and debt that may arise due to poor business planning. But you can’t afford such a department, and you can’t afford to lose either. Our expert business analysts can help you come up with unique strategies that will help make your business more profitable.

and many more

How We Work

Although we serve many clients, we always ensure that we treat you like the only client we have. We use these steps to ensure that we give every project you trust us with the best outlook it can have.

The moment you contact us to help you write we swing into action instantly. We immediately start drawing up writing timetable and assign you versatile writers.

After we identify the best strategy, we get to writing.  We will work hand in hand with you to ensure that the book fits precisely into your imagination.

This is the stage where we would have finally written that idea and story of yours into a finished book reality without you having to break a sweat.

At any point in time you need to talk to us either for further services or assistance, contact us; we are always ready to listen.