Copywriting is one of, if not the most profitable writing niche in the world today; little wonder many writers now want to become copywriters. Even Philip Dusenberry once said, “I have always believed that copywriting is the second most profitable form of writing. The first of course is ransom notes”. But we assume here you don’t know how to write ransom notes, and neither should you learn how to, learning to Copywrite is quite enough.

Copywriting is the writing of copies like advertisements, promotional materials, product description, Landing pages, brochures, headlines, lead magnets and web contents to sell products and services or at the very least make prospective customers want to contact you for further enquiries. In layman terms, it is simply writing to convince people to buy. Yet, this is where the difficulty lies; only a handful of writers are good at writing to convince people to take action, the majority are only good at writing to entertain people. But do not worry, this article was written by professional copywriters to help you become a copywriter with ease.

  1. Know How To Use Words

The first thing a copywriter must know how to do is to use words cleverly and yet use them to sell bountifully. One of the greatest copywriters ever, David Ogilvy said, “When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it creative, I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product”. You see a lot of creative ads on TV, but you’re more immersed in the comic relief it provides than the message it passes, this is bad advertising. Avoid this on your journey to becoming a copywriter. Don’t use too many clever or poetic words that you forget to pass the message to make people take action. Use personalized words like “YOU” not “WE” and use powerwords like “unique, introducing, loss, limited offer, breakthrough, goodnews, popular, etc. Look for a way to balance both clever-words and powerwords; it will make you an outstanding copywriter.

  • Read Copywriting Books

You can search for our article on THE 10 BEST COPYWRITING BOOKS TO MAKE YOU AN EXCELLENT COPYWRITER.” and try to read 1 or 2 of the books mentioned in the article; it will help you on your course to becoming a successful copywriter. One of the major reasons is that those books are packed with strategies and examples you can use to your advantage and craft compelling headlines. There are also some rules that guide copywriting that are in these books that others don’t know, like the headline word count rule. These are reasons you need to read or at the very least research on copywriting. Knowledge they say is power, but copywriting knowledge we say is money.

  • Practice

Practice they say makes perfect, and a perfect copywriter will surely become a successful copywriter. You have to begin practising today on how to write Ads on TV, Ads on the internet, radio, Brochures for B2B sales, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, website content, Landing pages, product description, etc. The truth is you can’t be good at first try. The first headline or content you write might not be perfect, but if you’ve worked with many headlines before and practice with many, you can know which headline(s) excite you the most. You need to begin to practice on your own now! Write as many headlines and contents as you can now! Sometimes you don’t see the mistakes immediately until after a day or two. From there, you will begin to become more thoughtful and better with each passing day.

  • Craft Compelling Headlines

Headlines are by far the biggest secret to copywriting and crafting compelling headlines is an essential skill a copywriter needs to have. Although there are other advisable ones like value proposition, landing pages, sales emails, advertisements and video scripts, the headline is by far the most important; it can make or mar your success as a copywriter. As John Caples wrote, “if the headline is poor, the copy won’t be read. And a copy that is not read does not sell goods.” And one of the greatest copywriters of all time David Ogilvy said, “…………………… unless your headline sells your product, you’ve wasted 90% of your money.” He should have added and ‘also 90% of your time’. Most copywriters spend more than half of their time on writing just the headline of their copy, and we guess you know why.

  • Know Your Audience And Their Desire

Knowing whom you’re writing a copy to and why you’re writing that copy is probably the only way you can become a successful copywriter. You need to know your target audience, their desires, their behavioural pattern and how much they are willing to part with to get your products/services. No matter how magical you are as a copywriter, you can’t write something that would want to make a man without legs buy shoes; he doesn’t need them. Imagine writing to a vegetarian to buy meat. Your success rate on this will be slim, and you would look like a failure. You need to first of all target the right audience and capture their psychology. What problem do they have? And what issues are your product/services solving for them? Craft your copy around these things and put it where they’ll see it. For example, what do you think job seekers need? And how do your products/services solve their problems?

These tips on how to become a very successful copywriter will surely help you on your journey to becoming a thriving copywriter. We hope you found the article helpful and insightful.

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