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Africa’s Books and Authors are gaining prominence, and presently, Africa’s book market values at over 1 billion dollars and a growth of 7% annually. Many today have great ideas and stories but lack the experience and time to document one. A lot of young aspiring entrepreneurs want to start a business but lack the expertise to come up with unique sales strategies leading to severe financial loss. Millions of job seekers get rejected because they don’t know how to craft a CV that will get pass ATS software. Talents and dreams are wasted daily because of a lack of time and experience.

Franz Grillparzer once said –

People of talent are more like a musical instrument. Without outside help, they won’t produce a single sound, but give them the slightest touch, and a magnificent tune emanates from them.

Hence, we created AUTHORSWRITERS to help people who have brilliant ideas and stories — but don’t have the time and experience — turn those life-changing ideas into reality. Our team of ACHIEVED AND EXPERIENCED ghostwriters, editors, copywriters and business analysts totalling over 100 YEARS of work experience across the team will give your idea a professional touch so something great and captivating will emanate from it. We have assembled for all your writing needs the largest team of ghostwriters by any ghostwriting agency in Africa, with writers and experts in Canada, Dubai, South Africa, USA and Ghana.

If we wait until we are ready,

we will be waiting for the rest of our lives.

Lemony Snicket

Our Value Manifesto

The trademark of a ghostwriting agency should be CONFIDENTIALITY, CREATIVITY and CONSISTENCY. At AUTHORS WRITERS, we use creativity to come up with compelling works for you to be able to amaze your audience while we maintain 100% confidentiality. 

No matter the number of times we work with you, we always deliver excellence and quality to put a smile on your face anywhere and anytime you call on us.

The books written YESTERDAY

is here with us TODAY.

The book you write today

will be here with us TOMORROW.

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Why Hire Us

Hire Us
We save you time, money and stress: We save you time and money unlike other ghostwriting agencies that only write and give you back the book, letting you figure out publishing and marketing by yourself. We will take care of your online publishing, ISBN, publicity and book cover when you call for them.
We know the right words: They say words are free, but it is how we use them that may cost us. Our team of experienced and award-winning writers know how best to use words to make your work look professional and interesting.
All our contents are authentic and unique: We don’t reuse any part of your work for others, neither do we use someone else’s for you. All contents are 100% plagiarism free thanks to our plagiarism checker that checks every sentence we put in your book for copyright.
We use SEO to build brand awareness: We take advantage of SEO and the keywords people are searching for using various apps and software. We will use this to come up with excellent contents that will help pose your brand as the perfect brand and position it right where potential customers are searching.

Our Core Values

CONFIDENTIALITY: We provide you with exclusive ghostwriting services while we remain anonymous in your work. We do not reveal your identity to third parties. And we do not take any of the credit for any of your works.
CREATIVITY: Creativity is the most exceptional skill we can use to make your work unique and stand out from the plethora of books and contents out there. We believe in our words that creativity is the foundation of every great thing around us.
CONSISTENCY: It doesn’t matter what you want, where you want and when you want. Rest assured that as long as we are the ones you want, we will deliver quality to you every day, every time and in every way you want.